Keeping Cool Through Preparation - Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Air Conditioner

There may not be a more satisfying feeling for a home owner than walking in on a hot day to a cool home and finding true relief. If you want to make sure you can enjoy that feeling well into the summer months and avoid the frustration of an unexpectedly stifling space, there are some guidelines you should follow to maximize your air conditioner's efficiency.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps that will help you maintain your home's air conditioner and guarantee that you benefit from its maximum performance. Following these suggestions can allow you to remain confident that no matter how rough it gets outside, you can always trust in comfort inside.

Consistent Temperature

Perhaps the most common maintenance mistake made in many homes is unnecessary fiddling with the thermostat. Modern air conditioning systems are very sensitive to changes in the ambient air temperature, and as long as you display patience, you'll see your system adjust to keep you cool when the temperature outside gets hot.

Impatiently adjusting the thermostat, however, will put unnecessary stress on your blower motor and condenser by preventing them from adjusting as per their design. This will dramatically increase your energy usage and could set the stage for a mechanical breakdown that will amplify your frustrations.

Regular Cleaning

Reducing the stress on your air conditioner means decreasing the force necessary to push air through the system. Dust and dirt are perhaps the biggest enemies of any air conditioner for a variety of reasons, and you should do everything you can to stop them from infiltrating your air.

This means a consistent cleaning regimen focused on dust removal. You should be sure to pay special attention to the area around vents and returns, as these can be direct pipelines to your air conditioner. You should also be rigorous about your filter replacement schedule, as a clogged filter will immediately put undue strain on your system.

Yard Care

Most air conditioning systems are split, with the condenser sitting in an unobtrusive location outside the home. This means that lawn care actually falls into the category of air conditioning maintenance, as creeping grass or falling limbs can suddenly cause mechanical issues. If at all possible, you should set up a concrete slab for your condenser to sit on in order to keep it away from your lawn, and you should be sure to use a string trimmer to ward off any invasive plants which may want to grow up through your equipment.

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